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Driven to help patients live better

While Theraplant was founded in Connecticut in 2013, our story really begins in New York City thirteen years earlier. In 2000, our CEO and founder, Ethan Ruby, was struck in a crosswalk by a car that ran a red light, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Despite numerous surgeries and intense rehabilitation, Ethan continued to suffer pain and complications from his injuries. His physicians prescribed numerous prescription drugs in an attempt to manage his pain, but these medications came with many undesirable side effects, as well as the risk of physical addiction. After thought and consultation with his father, a pediatrician, and his mother, a physical therapist, Ethan decided to try medical cannabis. The success he had with this medical option was lifechanging. Ethan has made it his life work to help ensure that the unique benefits of medical cannabis are made accessible to other qualified patients like himself.

Following his accident, Ethan packed up his family and moved to Colorado in order to enroll in the medical marijuana program to treat the chronic pain associated with his traumatic spinal cord injury. At the time, Colorado was one of only a few states in which patients could have legal access to the medicine. It was after great personal success in using the medical marijuana that Ethan became passionate about helping to increase the availability of the medicine to others who could benefit from it and curious about taking matters into his own hands. However, when Colorado expanded their law to allow for recreational use, Ethan decided to find a new setting for his work. He was strongly attracted to Connecticut’s emerging program because the state’s strict regulations are well designed to protect patients, ensuring that only the highest quality products are made available. The fact that Connecticut’s program is overseen by the Department of Consumer Protection dovetails very well with Theraplant’s own belief in putting patients first. In close partnership with the DCP, and the authorities of Watertown, CT, Ethan and key members of his Colorado team applied for a license to become one of the first cultivators of medicinal cannabis in Connecticut.

Theraplant ultimately received one of just four cultivation permits granted by Connecticut. In fact, Theraplant was recognized as having the highest scoring application in the state and was the very first to be licensed. Today, through rigorous scientific research and the application of the highest standards of pharmaceutical testing and production, we are working to cultivate the safest, most effective quality medical cannabis possible. Combining our high standards with Ethan’s personal understanding of the issues, the Theraplant team is leading the effort to help qualified patients in Connecticut feel and live better.


Theraplant’s leadership position in the industry is the result of putting together a best in class management team. It is a group of individuals who share years of experience in the industry and a refusal to settle for anything less than the very best in everything we do.


Ethan Ruby

Founder & CEO

Theraplant is led by CEO and Founder Ethan Ruby, a medical cannabis patient, activist, and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to making the medical cannabis industry stronger.


Dan Emmans

Chief Operating Officer

Dan is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Theraplant's production. He brings valuable experience to the team from years of operating a cultivation center and dispensary in Colorado.

Theraplant in the news

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State Getting Ready For Medical Marijuana


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In the community

We searched the entire state of Connecticut and viewed dozens of locations before settling on Watertown as our top choice for the home of Theraplant. We found the local government supportive and the town to possess a site well-suited to our needs. We collaborated with the community throughout the application process, and we continue to enjoy a very fruitful partnership with the town. We have an excellent, and close, working relationship with the mayor, the police department, fire department, and the rest of Watertown government.

We continue to build on our relationship with the people of Watertown, doing outreach to community members about our work. Whether it’s visiting with the residents of the Falls Avenue Senior Center, the staff of Gaylord Hospital, or the League of Women Voters, we enthusiastically sit down with those in the region to share our vision and answer their questions.

We’ve also been able to help make our community stronger. We have already created many new jobs and hired more than 20 individuals from Watertown and its surrounding areas to fill them. As we grow, we anticipate hiring even more local employees to join our team. Not only do we hire locally whenever possible, we also try to hire those in the community who can use an extra hand. Through a partnership with the state’s Department of Rehabilitation Services and their Connect-ability program, we have been able to hire several individuals with disabilities.

We have worked to partner with local non-profits like Michael Anthony’s Project and SCADD to prevent substance abuse and local charities like Moving With Hope to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities. We also support national charitable causes such as the Easter Seals.

All of the medical cannabis cultivators in Connecticut have partnered to form the Connecticut Medical Cannabis Committee. This organization was created to ensure that all of the State’s cultivators adopt the best possible business practices and to work together to help educate policymakers and the public on the unique benefits of medical cannabis. We are proud that our CEO, Ethan Ruby, has been unanimously elected the first president of the organization and is working hard provide effective leadership for our industry in the state of Connecticut.