About Us

Theraplant LLC was formed in 2013 in the State of Connecticut. Theraplant is backed by a team of experienced Medical Marijuana professionals including Ethan Ruby, passionate advocate and non-profit entrepreneur.

Our Mission

  • To further the science of Medical Marijuana.
  • To help doctors heal, deliver relief to patients.
  • To incorporate a process of continual learning and improvement in our business practice.
  • To become recognized as a leader in the emerging Medical Marijuana Industry.


“Reid Indicates His Support for Medical Marijuana”

January 17, 2014

“Company in Watertown prepares to grow, sell medical marijuana.”

August 29, 2013

“Theraplant led town officials on a tour of the old industrial building where they hope to grow medical marijuana.”

Republican American
August 19, 2013

“Laurie Perez interviews Ethan Ruby about his journey to start Theraplant.”

August 18, 2013

“Dr. Sanjay Gupta changes his mind on Marijuana.”

August 8, 2013

“Medical Marijauna-Growing Facility Proposed for Watertown.”

The Courant
June 21, 2013


All doctors take an oath, to do no harm, and to heal. Soon, doctors in CT will be able to use medical marijuana to help their patients with a variety of conditions. While the the CT Department of Consumer Protection has not yet released a list of the doctors participating in the program, they have listed Physician Requirement and Eligibility. If you are a doctor who would like to learn more about using medical marijuana to help  patients, or if you are a patient looking for a doctor to discuss the efficacy of medical marijuana for your specific ailment or condition please contact the DCP.

Research & Development

We are committed to advancing the science of Medical Marijuana. We know that high CBD and low THC strains have been effective in dealing with severe childhood epilepsy, while other strains have helped increase weight and improve the mood of the elderly. We are committed to furthering our understanding of how this all works, and look forward to advancing the science of medical marijuana in service of doctors and patients, starting in Connecticut.